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EcoLogic LifeStyle travel guide is trustworthy source, here to bring you unbiased, transparent information on sustainable eco-travel options, in a clean, simple format.  We will also engage with you by sharing our travel stories, hoping to give you an authentic flavor of a particular destination or business.

We will not accept advertising or links to any business that could be a conflict of interest, however, we will accept sponsorships, or work with public, private or non-profit sectors in creating Sustainable Destination programs to offset the costs of sharing our research and insight.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We will consider Sponsorships from Transportation Providers, Suppliers, Professional Consultants & Services, Non-Governmental Organizations, Professional & Trade Organizations, Conference Providers, Utility Providers and Governments only after also completing a Sponsorship Sustainability Review.  For information contact Contact Us.

Tourism related businesses

Apply for the EcoExcellence Awardand on-site Sustainability Review.

If, after the Review is complete, the business meets a minimum level of EcoExcellence AwardSustainability Review Criteria you will receive;


    • by certified healthy eco building & sustainability staff



    • market research
    • best practices guidelines
    • rebates, financing & retrofit assistance
    • suppliers, professional consultants & services
    • 3rd party certification programs & associations


    • EcoLogic LifeStyle online travel directory & blog
    • social media press releases
    • links to your website
    • window decal with QR code
For information on Reviewed & Recommended directory listing opportunities, Contact Us.
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