The Ojai Foundation – California

Sustainability Review complete, listing coming soon!

For a sneak preview….

The Ojai Foundation Offers Hospitality, Connection with Sacred Land, and Sustainable Permaculture Training. Back to the Earth retreats are offered at the Ojai Foundation with accomodations in your choice of yurts or BYO tent. Scheduled retreats include teaching Way of Council, Permaculture Work Retreats & training, and numerous workshops & events on a range of things from African Dance, to Mythology, to Couples in Sacred Relationship, to solstice ceremonies, and more. The Council house is a marvelous example of sustainable architecture with its living green roof and passive solar features. The Gateway house is strawbale, and the entire facility is off grid powered by an array of solar panels.

The Ojai Foundation in Ojai, California includes straw bale natural earthen buildings, yurts, and permaculture gardens. An on site review conducted by one of our professional sustainability and building professionals will describe quality, healthy, eco, green practices and policies including energy and water conservation, resource or waste recovery, purchasing practices, landscaping, wildlife conservation, building standards, indoor air quality, and social and cultural contributions.

For more information and reservations, visit The Ojai Foundation website.

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