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EcoExcellence AwardTOP 10 winner

Don’t let the mild mannered exterior of Casa Ojai Inn foul you…  the rooms here are very comfortable & nicely appointed, the services are on par with much higher priced establishments, and the management is committed to continually improving their sustainable best practices & training.  One of the healthiest options for lodging in the Ojai Valley, the property features a chlorine-free, algaecide-free salt water pool, uses non-phosphate enzyme soaps for laundry, Ozonized disinfecting pure water for cleaning, no deodorizers, no air fresheners, cleans air conditioning coils monthly, guarantees all non-smoking rooms, uses walk off mats, and low VOC paints and finishes.

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On Site Sustainability Review for Casa Ojai Inn 


Property/Business Name:   Casa Ojai Inn

Telephone Number:   US

City: Ojai

State (US): California

Country: United States


Site Design:

  • Comply with local zoning requirements
  • Conserve resources by increasing density – 2 story, compact
  • Redevelopment existing building(s)
  • Private or semi-public outdoor gathering place with natural elements,
  • Access for persons with special needs
  • Secure bicycle racks and/or storage – Bikes delivered to site by MOB Shop Project Ride
  • Preferred parking for hybrid & electric vehicles – 5% discount given to hybrid/electric car drivers


Exterior & Structural Design:

  • Shading on all south-facing (northern latitudes) /north-facing (southern latitudes) – tinted windows in lobby
  • Cool roof
  • Low E, multi-pane, energy efficient windows and glass doors


  • Renewable energy source: Solar for pool hot water
  • High efficiency ceiling fans, lighting and signage – CFLs inside, LED outdoor signage, disconnected all other landscape lighting
  • Motion sensor controlled lighting – in maintenance, housekeeping, pool room and porch areas
  • High efficiency appliances (refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, etc) Energy Star preferred
  • ECO 8000 Hairdryers by Barbar – This unique hairdryer uses a fraction of the electricity of your average hairdryer with its use of a ceramic disc
  • Monitoring of energy consumption and energy savings campaign – recently purchased monitoring equipment


  • High efficiency toilets – HET 1.0 gpf
  • High efficiency showerheads – 1.25 gpm
  • Flow limiters or flow control valves on faucets – .5 gpm
  • Efficient water filters to provide safe & bathing drinking water – ice machine & coffee makers

Indoor Air Quality:

  • Moisture resistant material in wet areas: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry, Utility Rooms and Basements
  • (Not Permanent) walk-off mats
  • all non-smoking rooms


  • Storm water control to prevent erosion
  • Native species only / No invasive species
  • No plant species that require shearing – roses only, hand sheared
  • No toxic pesticides or herbicides
  • Mulch all planting beds to the greater of 3 Inches or more – use recycled rubber in planter
  • Minimal turf in landscape
  • Only when necessary, high-efficiency, weather based irrigation systems – drip style
  • Shielding of exterior light fixtures and directing light downward – except on sign


  • Repair and seal all necessary areas for moisture prevention to inhibit mold growth
  • Filter changes 1x per month, coil cleaning 1x per year, thermostat calibration, and damper adjustments –
  • Nontoxic, natural cleaners, soaps, sanitizers, pest management –
  • Lotus Ozone cleaning with water, (This process ozones regular tap water for the purpose of disinfecting and cleaning rooms on a daily basis. This process has the lowest MSDS rating there is because it only uses water)
  • non-phosphate enzyme soaps in laundry
  • No air fresheners or deodorizers
  • Bath linen reuse program with client reuse education
  • Recycling program – containers in every room
  • Composting program – yard waste
  • Refillable dispensers vs. disposable
  • Chlorine & algaecide free pool maintenance – salt water in pool and spa which is a chlorine generator allowing maintenance without the use of any harsh chemicals.
  • HEPA filters on vacuum cleaners
  • Two sided printing on recycled content, bleach free paper
  • Bulk purchasing & in reusable or recyclable containers – lotion, soaps, shampoos
  • Regional purchases – within 200 miles – tea, coffee mugs, baked goods
  • Fair Trade purchases – Zhena’s Organic Fair Trade Gypsy Teas
  • Reusable or biodegradable, non-petroleum based cups, plates and cutlery – converting to biodegradable
  • Sustainable best practices training program for employees


  • Equitable hiring practices for women and minorities, in all positions, and no child labor
  • Hiring and training opportunities provided to local citizens first
  • Compliance with international, national, state or provincial legal protection of employees including fair living wages
  • Basic services, (water, energy, or sanitation), are not disrupted to neighboring communities by actions on property
  • Sustainability education for guests, ie) suggestion cards & linen reuse signage
  • Donations made to local community – sponsorships for local festivals

Casa Ojai Inn also has plans to incorporate…

solar for power, tankless water heaters, more LED & Dark Skies lighting, plans for arbor/pergola for shading submitted to city planning commission, new dark skies compliant lighting for signage submitted to city planning commission

Other Awards…

  • On Site Review – CA Green Lodging Association – Leadership Level Status
  • Self Audited rating – Green Eco-Leaf by – 3 Leaf Rating Self Audit
  • Self Audited rating – Green Suites Certified by Green Suites International hotel supply company – 4 Leaf rating Self Audit
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