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The ecoexcellence award Sustainability Review includes over 100 criteria covering…

Site Design, Exterior & Structural Design, Energy & Water Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Landscaping, Furniture & Fixtures, Maintenance & Purchasing, Social & Community Policies…

These properties and businesses have all achieved a minimum of 20% of the ecoexcellence awards Sustainability Review Criteria.  Please check the ecoexcellence awards TOP 10 for the current list of highest achievers.




Costa Rica







more to come soon!

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THE FINE PRINT – – – The EcoExcellence Award is a voluntary program. It is the responsibility of the applying organization to ensure that all program requirements are met. Our staff will monitor program compliance through an initial site visit (which is repeated every 3 years), and submitted customer comments. A condition of the EcoExcellence Award program is that an applying organization agrees to allow site visits from our staff, board of directors or other contracted reviewer. If deficiencies are reported, we will offer referrals to follow-up assistance through professional consultants to correct them. Consistent failure to make any changes will result in the removal of the business from the program. All EcoExcellence Award promotional materials must be returned and the business will refrain from linking any information to the EcoExcellence Award and Ecologic LifeStyle Travel Guide website. Neither EcoLogic LifeStyle, our staff, contractors or affiliates can be held liable for any claims, from any persons or organizations, arising out of the Reviewed & Recommended directory listings or any Feature Articles. 

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