Benefits for Travelers

of the EcoExcellence Award

It’s difficult and frustrating for the Eco-concious or Health-Concious Traveler, when planning travel, to quickly and easily locate high quality lodging, camping, restaurants, resorts & spas, tour operators, shopping, and events & festivals that have been verified first hand.

Now EcoLogic LifeStyle travel guide offers this through our EcoExcellence Award, the Reviewed & Recommended directory, and our Feature Articles.

So you can finally meet your needs in one online location…


  • Easily locate tourism businesses that embrace environmental & social responsibility, who care for people and the planet, and not just for profit.
  • Easily locate tourism businesses offering healthier, higher quality standards & services.
  • Travel with assurance knowing we have always conducted only 3rd party ON-SITE verifications and list trustworthy, transparent information in the Reviewed & Recommended directory listing.
  • Get first hand recommendations from REAL TRAVELERS in our authentic Feature Articles on lodging, restaurants, tours, shopping, spas and more.
  • Learn the specifics on how tourism organizations performed on our Sustainability Reviews with over 100 criteria including;
sustainable management & policies
destination & wildlife protection
site design
exterior & structural building design
indoor air quality & pollution reduction
energy conservation
water conservation
regenerative landscaping
furniture & fixtures
purchasing & maintenance
social & community responsibility
  • Share YOUR experiences on the EcoLogic LifeStyle blog pages
  • Learn about the latest global news and trends in Travel & Destinations.
  • Easily find links to global certifications, research and conferences.
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