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Small Business Application Fee – 1 to 5 employees

Medium Business Application Fee – 5 to 25 employees

Large Business Application Fee – 26+ employees

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  • You will be contacted shortly to schedule an On-Site Visit by our Sustainability Review Team. Review Team will conduct a 1 ½ – 4 hour review, walking through the property with your representative. Since your payment also includes a Feature Article to be published on the EcoLogic LifeStyle travel guide site, the on-site visit also serves as a familiarization tour, so an overnight stay for the Reviewer/s (one room) will need to be included at all lodging properties. Other businesses will need to offer an experience of products or services to the Reviewer.

  • Review Team will make general recommendations on plans for sustainability actions in the future.

  • You will be provided with Resources Manual to give you the tools to create a truly sustainable business.

  • Your listing will be set up on the EcoLogic LifeStyle travel guide Reviewed & Recommended directory listing for one year. You will be eligible to annually renew your listing for up to 5 yrs at a reduced rate.

  • Blog, social media, print media and television Press Releases will go out.

  • You will receive a window decal and digital files for the EcoExcellence Award logo.

  • Your Feature Article will be posted. If you are a TOP 10 performer you will have a full page article!!

By applying for the EcoExcellence Award, applicant organization and their representatives & affiliates, agree to indemnify and hold harmless EcoLogic LifeStyle, our staff, contractors, and affiliates from any and all claims that may arise from the listing posted on our Reviewed & Recommended Directory or from the Feature Article written. EcoLogic LifeStyle reserves the right to terminate the use of this Reviewed & Recommended directory listing by any user for any reason deemed in conflict with our mission. EcoLogic LifeStyle is not liable for any of the information submitted and has authority to take down the Reviewed & Recommended directory listing should any information be false or inaccurate. EcoLogic LifeStyle has full authority to revise and edit submissions to better represent organizations listed in the Reviewed & Recommended directory. EcoLogic LifeStyle can change the terms of use for the Reviewed & Recommended Directory at any time. By proceeding to next steps, Applicant agrees to have reviewed the Terms as outlined herein, is authorized to submit on behalf of the submitted business or organization, and is responsible for accuracy of all information provided. All directory listings are subject to approval and all certification claims need to be verified by an on-site review conducted by one of our Reviewers and/or by submitting official documentation of other approved certification. Applicant agrees to allow use of any photographs submitted on the EcoLogic LifeStyle travel guide site and in any promotions pertaining to the site and the EcoExcellence Award, without re-numeration or payment to any parties. Applicant agrees to post the EcoExcellence Award logo on their website with a link back to, and to submit press releases provided by us to applicants media contacts.

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