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Connecting Travelers to Sustainable, Healthy, Ecotourism Destinations

The EcoLogic Lifestyle EcoExcellence Award is intended to encourage sustainable practices… among businesses in the tourism industry.  We feel those truly striving to make sustainability a lifestyle – an EcoLogic Lifestyle – for themselves and for their organization, should be recognized.

The Award is given to those who meet at least a minimum level of criteria established in the EcoExcellence Award Review Checklist. The Review Checklist was established as a non-biased, performance based compilation of criteria based on those found in many of the best Certification programs including the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria and the United States Green Building Council LEED, among others.  The Review Checklist is then shared in our Reviewed & Recommended directory listing where, unnlike most certifications, there is full transparency and communication of each and every efforts an organization is making to lower their carbon footprint and foster sustainability for their area.

As the industry changes and more businesses and organizations adopt these practices, the bar is raised on the EcoLogic LifeStyle EcoExcellence Award. Those that are the top performers are featured in the TOP 10 LIST on the home page of the EcoLogic LifeStyle travel directory.  Those meeting a minimum of 20% of  the criteria will still be included in the EcoLogic LifeStyle travel directory Reviewed & Recommended Listing with a ranking based on the percentage achieved.



The EcoExcellence Award Review Checklist is one of the most thorough, comprehensive sets of criteria available aimed at helping prepare for full Certification through other high level global programs. However, our goal is to offer a more affordable option, and work with local governments to create subsidies for application fees whenever possible. We want to reward businesses for even the small measures taken as they begin their journey to complete sustainability.   We offer a starting place to gain recognition, promotional tools to reach conscientious travelers, an educational resource manual, and referrals to verified 3rd party Certification programs for your next steps in promoting your sustainability efforts.

Please be aware that there are programs calling themselves “Certifications” or “EcoLabels” that are simply travel agents or suppliers.  The EcoExcellence Award is a 3rd party verification.

Your marketing budget can cover the nominal fees for EcoExcellence Award application, which are much lower than those of Certification or Labeling programs, and less than the average cost of a quarter page, one time print ad!!


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