Sustainability in Europe: Not an “Alternative” Lifestyle Choice

On our recent trip to Europe we were reminded once again that living sustainability there is not an alternative lifestyle choice, but a social norm based on tradition and common sense. How refreshing it was to not feel the need to complain to ourselves about the ignorance built in to a society around conservation, as […]

Experiential Trips to Eco Fashion Artisan Communities

Three new tours will offer the chance for ethical clothing designers and manufacturers, as well as consumers to meet artisan communities in Ecuador, Peru, and Guatemala. Workshops are offered in craft production allowing attendees to see the impact of their conscious purchasing decisions.       Awamaki-Kollabora Collaborative Crafting Workshop When: May 25 to June 2, […]

Air Travel to Get Bumpier as CO2 Emissions Rise, Scientists Say

Turbulence to become more frequent, stronger by mid-century CO2 emissions forecast to double by 2050 from Reuters By Nina Chestney LONDON, April 8 (Reuters) – Turbulence on transatlantic flights will become more frequent and severe by 2050 as carbon dioxide emissions rise, leading to longer journey times and increased fuel consumption, British scientists said in […]

Aloha Spirit – Hawaiian Community Looks for Transparency with GMO Issues

by Megan Stone. Reposted from “A Collective Balance”. After spending last week on the islands of Oahu and Kauai (Hawaii), I was able to learn more about the true spirit of Aloha. As the photo states – it is more than a greeting, it is a way of life. When we arrived in Honolulu, HI I […]

Back to the Earth Retreats Offered at the Ojai Foundation

by Cynthia Louise Grier. I had the good fortune to experience a Winter Solstice celebration on the weekend of December 21st – 23rd, 2012 at The Ojai Foundation. The Foundation is a semi-wilderness, sustainable-model educational sanctuary for living in right relationship with each other and the earth, located on a 40-acre dragon shaped ridge in […]

Relax Under the Sedona Stars at Candlewood Retreat

We found Candlewood Retreat, to be a great place to unwind and revitalize for our trip to Sedona. Close enough to enjoy the beauty of Sedona and the Red Rocks area, but far enough away to escape the traffic and tourists. Here we enjoyed an organic breakfast from the huge, terraced organic permaculture garden. We […]

Krotona Institute Grounds in Ojai Provide Inspiration for Creative Souls

  The grounds of the Krotona Institute branch in Ojai have always elicited calm and serenity for me. Among the giant oaks and lush gardens, it’s easy to get lost in meditation and thought. This place also symbolizes creativity and exploration to me since it’s library, within a lovely old estate home with views of […]

EcoExcellence Award Label Enables Travelers to Locate the Best in Sustainable Ecotourism Destinations

The EcoLogic Lifestyle ecoexcellence award is intended to encourage sustainable practices… among businesses, non-profits and the tourism industry…   We feel those who are truly striving to make sustainability a lifestyle – an EcoLogic Lifestyle – for themselves and for their organization, should be recognized. The Award is given to those who are the top performers in meeting […]

Responsible Travel Tips – Before, During & After Traveling

from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council    BEFORE TRAVELING Find out as much as possible. The more you know about a World Heritage site before arriving, the more the site will come alive. Look into the site’s history, culture, natural environment, customs, legends, advisory notices and more. UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre is a great starting […]

Five Easy Steps: Planning Your Trip

 from The International Ecotourism Society   Making informed choices before and during your trip is the single most important thing you can do to become a responsible traveler. With a little planning, you can improve the quality of your trip, while making a real difference to the people and places you visit. When choosing destinations, […]

Ojai’s Best Lodging Choice for Healthy As Well As Eco – Casa Ojai Inn

I began reviewing travel destinations in part because of the difficulty in locating healthy as well as eco-friendly options. It is always great to know you can have both in a lodging property. To date, the healthiest option I have come across in the Ojai, CA area is Casa Ojai Inn. The Casa Ojai property […]

Sustainable Shifts Earn The Ojai Retreat an EcoExcellence Award

by Cynthia Louise Grier. My first visit to The Ojai Retreat in the fall of 2007 was a peaceful, yet invigorating experience. Stirring panoramic views and comfortable accommodations in a serene, secluded setting, with a friendly staff made me feel right at home. The “Living Room”, as it’s known, is a lovely gathering room warmed […]

Nostalgic Travel & Styles are “In”

by Cynthia Louise Grier. In uncertain times we feel comforted by the memory of the good old days — when our values supported sustainable, efficient, grounded practices.  And, the calmness that comes from feeling secure is something we crave worldwide. KWE Partners, a Miami, Florida based strategic marketing and public relations firm that specializes in […]

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation & Inn – The World’s Benchmark for Sustainable Lodging

by Cynthia Louise Grier. Once a barren hillside, tortured by a “motor cross” course, the Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation is now a reforested, lush, tropical hidden jewel nestled in the foothills around San Jose, Costa Rica.  Finca Rosa Blanca is a lovely retreat where you can have all the amenities, and feel good about choosing an […]

Rainforest Alliance Offers Tips for Eco-Travelers

Ten Questions to Ask Before You Book What is your environmental policy? What percentage of your employees are local citizens? Do you support anyprojects to benefit the local community? Do you support conservation? How? Is your business certified? Have you won any eco-awards? Are you recommended by any reputable NGOs or conservation groups? What sorts […]

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