Aloha Spirit – Hawaiian Community Looks for Transparency with GMO Issues

by Megan Stone. Reposted from “A Collective Balance”. After spending last week on the islands of Oahu and Kauai (Hawaii), I was able to learn more about the true spirit of Aloha. As the photo states – it is more than a greeting, it is a way of life. When we arrived in Honolulu, HI I […]

Back to the Earth Retreats Offered at the Ojai Foundation

by Cynthia Louise Grier. I had the good fortune to experience a Winter Solstice celebration on the weekend of December 21st – 23rd, 2012 at The Ojai Foundation. The Foundation is a semi-wilderness, sustainable-model educational sanctuary for living in right relationship with each other and the earth, located on a 40-acre dragon shaped ridge in […]

Relax Under the Sedona Stars at Candlewood Retreat

We found Candlewood Retreat, to be a great place to unwind and revitalize for our trip to Sedona. Close enough to enjoy the beauty of Sedona and the Red Rocks area, but far enough away to escape the traffic and tourists. Here we enjoyed an organic breakfast from the huge, terraced organic permaculture garden. We […]

Virtual Restaurant Teaches About Sustainability & Conservation

The National Restaurant Association has created a new tool for Restaurant managers to learn about sustainable best practices and conservation. Case studies have shown significant reductions in overhead when these practices are put into place.

Ojai’s Best Lodging Choice for Healthy As Well As Eco – Casa Ojai Inn

I began reviewing travel destinations in part because of the difficulty in locating healthy as well as eco-friendly options. It is always great to know you can have both in a lodging property. To date, the healthiest option I have come across in the Ojai, CA area is Casa Ojai Inn. The Casa Ojai property […]

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