Jon Cotham

Jon Cotham, the other half of the EcoLogic LifeStyle ecoexcellence awardTeam, is an avid surfer and photographer…  always looking for the next great wave or photo opp.  He also enjoys yoga, hiking, camping and travel.

Jon is a Certified Building Biology (Bau-Biologie) Environmental Inspector, Certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst Professional, Energy Upgrade California Certified Contractorand California Licensed(#661635) Building Contractor who has been creating healthy eco spaces for over 20 yrs.  He is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), and the Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology.  Jon has been active with the Ojai Valley Green Coalition – Built Environment Council helping to design and assemble a mock green home in both the Ojai Valley Museum and the Community Services of Ventura County Green Center.  He also serves as a judge for USGBC C4 chapter Green Awards.

During Environmental Inspections, Jon is the investigator who will sleuth out and locate the source of environmental toxins in a home or workplace, then consult and offer solutions to create a healthy space.  Jon combines extensive training with state of the art testing equipment to find the solution to create your healthy, beautiful home or workplace.  Each inspection includes a comprehensive written report with recommendations on how you can improve the health of your space and thereby the health of your family or employees.  Jon can then recommend appropriate remediation techniques, equipment and professionals.  Jon is also available for consultations, energy assessments and project management on any new building or remodeling project.  His many years of experience and training in Building Biology & Building Science using healthy, sustainable, and natural building techniques are hard to find in the average building consultant, inspector or project manager.  His expertise combines not only seeking out the problems but knowing how to successfully complete the solutions.

Bau-Biologie®, a philosophy that began in Germany, is a word used to describe a movement promoting the use of healthy building principles as a means to improve living and work spaces and the health of people who occupy them. Bau-Biologie® literally means, “Building Biology™.” Both terms are now used interchangeably and both have exactly the same definition – “how buildings impact life and the living environment.”  For more information on Jon visit

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