Ojai’s Best Lodging Choice for Healthy As Well As Eco – Casa Ojai Inn

I began reviewing travel destinations in part because of the difficulty in locating healthy as well as eco-friendly options. It is always great to know you can have both in a lodging property. To date, the healthiest option I have come across in the Ojai, CA area is Casa Ojai Inn.

The Casa Ojai property features a chlorine-free, algaecide-free salt water pool, uses non-phosphate enzyme soaps for laundry, Ozonized disinfecting pure water for cleaning, no deodorizers, no air fresheners, cleans air conditioning coils monthly, guarantees all non-smoking rooms, uses walk off mats, and low VOC paints and finishes. To add to all this, you can stay fit during your stay while using the bicycles provide for your exploration of the Ojai Valley.

And, don’t let the mild mannered exterior of Casa Ojai Inn foul you…  the rooms here are very comfortable & nicely appointed, the services are on par with much higher priced establishments, and the management is committed to continually improving their sustainable best practices & training, thanks to Operations Manager Jim Johnson. Thanks Jim for taking great care of your clients and the environment!

For more details on sustainable and healthy best practices at Casa Ojai Inn, see their Reviewed & Recommended listing.


  1. cgrier411 says:

    A healthy space is so important when selecting lodging. I used to end up with severe allergies when I stayed in rooms that used toxic cleaners and had dust mites.

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